Prospective ACGME Residents

We offer ACGME-accredited training in several specialties with plans to add more specialties soon. The overarching goal of our program is to develop promising medical school graduates into highly skilled experts in their respective fields by offering them breadth and depth of exposure to patient-centered care, medical innovation and scientific advancement. In the process, you will help Health Quest expand our community outreach and deliver high-quality, cost-efficient care across the Hudson Valley and northwest Connecticut region.

Below, you will find information and resources offered to Health Quest residents at ACGME accredited programs, including primary training locations, stipends and benefits, community and lifestyle in the Hudson Valley and wellness initiatives. Note, that information regarding CAMPEP accredited residency can be found here.

For program-specific information for ACGME residencies, like curriculum, clinical schedules, and how to apply, visit the program-specific pages:

Resident Stipend

Residents receive an annual stipend delivered over 26 bi-weekly pay periods. As the resident graduates to the next level of training, the stipend amount is increased to reflect payment for additional knowledge, skills and leadership opportunities provided in their new, graduated roles.

Post-Graduate Year (PGY) Level and Stipend Amount

  • PGY-1: $67,500
  • PGY-2: $70,875
  • PGY-3: $76,545
  • PGY-4: $80,372
  • PGY-5: $84,391

Employee Benefits

At Health Quest, we deliver exceptional care to our patients and our community every day. When it comes to benefits, we want our residents to have the coverage they need to take excellent care of themselves and their families. Our residents receive a comprehensive and competitive program with valuable coverage and the flexibility to choose the options that work best for them.

Eligible Health Quest employees may choose to enroll in the following benefits:

  1. Medical and prescription drug coverage
  2. Dental coverage
  3. Vision coverage
  4. Flexible spending accounts (FSAs)

Health Quest provides the following benefits to eligible employees:

  • Basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Short-term disability
  • Long-term disability
  • Employee assistance program (EAP)

Additional voluntary benefits include:

  • Pet insurance
  • Auto and home insurance
  • Employee discount program
  • Critical illness insurance

Additional Benefits

  • Annual education stipend
  • Access to library resources
  • Access to board review materials
  • Twenty days Paid Time Off (PTO) each academic year

Clinical Research

As part of orientation to our system, residents learn of the many robust opportunities within Health Quest to participate and contribute to cutting-edge clinical research in their field(s) of interest.

Some research highlights include:

  • Clinical trials in cardiology, oncology, neurology and others
  • 45 studies to more than 1.5 million people across six countries
  • Full-time experienced staff, managers, data operations and clinical research coordinators

Learn more about our Research offerings.

Awards and Recognition

Health Quest is an excellent place for medical school graduates to train. Everyone is committed to teamwork, fairness, openness and honest communication. Great things, big and small, happen daily throughout Health Quest. Our employee recognition program helps us recognize each and every team member who plays a part in creating our active, positive and caring team-oriented culture.

Resident of the Year Awards help Health Quest give annual recognition to one resident from each program who demonstrates a commitment to lifelong learning, self-reflection, personal wellness and duty to our patients. Nominations are open each year and the winners selected by members of the Graduate Medical Education Committee, comprised of hospital leadership, faculty and peer-elected residents.

IMPACT Awards are given to the best-of-the-best across the system. Awardees are team members who have delivered outstanding, measurable (quantifiable) progress against organizational priorities and are shining examples of our Health Quest Values of Respect, Excellence, Accountability, Compassion and Honor. Employees are nominated for helping Health Quest to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Improve quality and service—helping us move to top-decile performance
  • Improve care coordination—helping patients and their families to better access healthcare across the system
  • Decrease outmigration—allowing people get the care they need, close to where they live and work
  • Manage the cost of care
  • Work together as one system and one team, living our Values

Wellness Commitment

Finding the right work-life balance can be difficult. Finding a work-life balance during residency and fellowship training is even more challenging. That is why the Health Quest Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) and program leadership teams are committed to providing residents with resources, information and support to help find that balance.

It is very important to maintain mental and physical wellness as you develop as a physician and leader in the field of medicine. Health Quest GME prioritizes wellness to ensure that our residents and staff are experiencing a supportive, safe, educational working environment.

Each Health Quest program offers residents a variety of support resources including:

  • Peer-to-peer support networks
  • Onboarding training for wellness, health and safety
  • Direct faculty mentorship
  • Open-Door Policy for GME administration and leadership
  • Compliance hotline

Health Quest and the GME office are proud of our staff and resident wellness initiatives including:

  • System-wide Get Fit Exercise Challenge
  • Hospital-wide golf outings
  • Wellness forums
  • Invited guest speakers for health and wellness, including fatigue management
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • New York State Physician Advocacy – Committee for Physician Wellness

Health Quest also recommends residents utilize a variety of self-care tools and resources provided below. These are external resources available for your use.

Self-Care Tools

Do you like strategies with checkboxes?

Do you prefer interactive phone apps?

  • Lifesum: Track your food and diet (free, with in-app purchases)
  • Calm: Meditation and bedtime stories (free, with in-app purchases)
  • Pacifica for Stress & Anxiety: Mood tracker with guided lessons on wellness topics (free, with in-app purchases)
  • Buddhify: Anxiety relief through mindfulness practice

Have you tried Mental-Health Chatbots?

AI Chatbots

  • Woebot (free)
  • Wysa (free, with in-app purchases)
  • Youper (free, with in-app purchases)

Hybrid models: AI Chatbot/Live

  • Joyable – can access a coach for subscription
  • Talkspace – can access a therapist for subscription

Do you just like to read? 

  • The Feeling Good Handbook, by David D. Burns, MD
  • The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook, by Davis, Eshelman, McKay & Fanning
  • Kitchen Table Wisdom, by Rachel Naomi Remen, MD
  • Staying Human During Residency Training (How to Survive and Thrive After Medical School), by Allan D. Peterkin, MD
  • Forgive and Remember-Managing Medical Failure, by Charles L. Bosk
  • This Side of Doctoring: Reflections from Women in Medicine, by Eliza Lo Chin, MD

Resident Resources

To Take Care of Others, Take Time to Care for Yourself

The Northern Dutchess Hospital Wellness Center

The NDH Wellness Center, open 7 days a week and free for residents, is a medically based fitness center that can help you make the kind of lifestyle changes that promote good health.

Personal health assessments, private training and group classes can guide and support you to set and achieve manageable fitness goals. Certified exercise coaches are trained to assist people with special health needs.

Health Risk Assessment

Numerous research studies have demonstrated the benefits of exercise. Health Risk Assessments are a primary service option at the NDH Wellness Center. They are completed with experienced medical professionals and involve collaborating on a physical fitness plan designed especially for you, based on your health history and individual goals. In fact, as part of the optional Initial Assessment and Orientation Package, we evaluate your physical fitness, wellness and capacity for exercise. We measure your height and weight, blood pressure, resting heart rate and body composition. We also perform a body fat analysis and a test for flexibility, muscular strength and endurance.

We use these results to compile your individualized exercise program including target heart rate and initial plan of action.

Your residency is a great time for you to do something about your fitness. By building endurance and resilience, you can come out of a period of intense effort in better shape than when you went into it.

Northern Dutchess Hospital

The Wellness Center
6511 Springbrook Avenue
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

(845) 871-4300